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About Michele

Michele grew up in her mother’s dance studio, London School of Dance, in Dallas where she was inspired to continue dancing at the University of Texas and the University of Utah, earning an M.A. and the Dee R. Winterton Award for Excellence in Dance. Michele believes dance is a universal human experience that has the ability to touch all people regardless of age, background, or ability. In addition to teaching children at Cafe Dance, she directs the preschool dance program at Mt. Olive Lutheran School and is the founder and director of WINGS, a dance project for people with disabilities. Bold, kind, and dedicated, Michele transmits the joy and meaning of modern dance to students in an innovative, evolving, and loving environment.


What is Modern Dance?

Modern dance evolved in the early 20th century, and it favors movement invention derived from the expression of the individual rather than classical traditions.  Instead of following a set movement vocabulary, modern dancers work creatively with the  elements of movement: time, space, and force. Modern dance connects to the earth with bare feet and embraces the force of gravity with floorwork.  The torso becomes a major expressive force in modern dance.